A downloadable Visual Novel

Entry for the Yaoi Game Jam 2016

The game is setted in an era where technology is strictly mechanical, but capable of wonders, and where at the same time some persons gained some special abilities. The gifted ones are called catalyzer. Adriel is a catalyzer and has been in charge of teaching and training Mina for the past few years. He is impulsive and more often than not he forgets to think before he acts. Ethan handles the scientific education of the young girl. A genius inventor and expert in every science who is up-front and weirdly able in battle. They live in Mina's parents' big house in a comfortable and paceful envionrment. This until Mina's parents are kidnapped and the house is blown up. Adriel and Ethan can only flee with the kid to hide in the nearest city. The three begin to investigate to find who committed the kidnapping and retrive Lawrance and Clodia safe and sound. 

The full release will feature minigames, side quests and various characters to interct with.

Adriel Ethan Mina

To contact us:
blog: synapsedgames.tumblr.com
e-mail: synapsed.games@gmail.com

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, bl, Boys' Love, kidnap, Magic, Steampunk, Text based, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button

Development log


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Game is on indefinite hiatus

Guys, let's not keep bothering the creators with the same question, they probably won't want to keep answering it and eventually start ignoring us.

Is this game still being worked on?? Hopefully it is, I would really like to play the full release

Yeah I'm asking the same question...is this game still being made? Cuz it's not having updates for a long time now...

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We want to keep working on Clockwork Apple, but for now it's on indefinite hiatus

So like is this still being made or was it like dropped?

Hi! I was wondering if this VN is still being made, cause it looks really good and I'd love to play it!


Was the download file taken down?


hello ^^ is this still being made? I noticed the last time that was asked was 9 months ago so I was just wondering


Hello! The game is on indefinite hiatus, but not abandoned. Clockwork during the development evolved in something too big for our current possibility. Hence we chose to focus on less ambitious projects. 
Thanks for your interest ^^ 

so is this game still being made?

Hi! Yes, it is still being made, but due to real life things are proceding slower than we planned initially ^^" The game evolved a lot since we released this demo and we are committed to go through with it... without rush 🐌


Very nice art, horrible spelling/writing. Couldn't make it through to the first decision, it was so painfully bad. Hope you clean that up and make it playable for those of us who are picky readers.


Enjoyed your demo, I'm looking forward to seeing more of the game in the future. ^_^


i loved the demo of the game and I'm so excited for the full game! Do you guys have an idea when it'll be roughly finished ?

We're SO sorry for the late replay D:
Happy you enjoyed it :D
Sadly we don't yet know yet when it'll be relased, we don't feel like promising a deadline we may not meet. Things are proceding slowly, but proceding nonetheless!

Hope your game has success! I'm italian even thou I always speak mostly english but it would be awesome to play the game also in my native language!

Hello italian fellow! We hope it has succes too, but mostly we hope you enjoyed playing it :D

I've enjoyed this demo a lot - the art is very pretty and the characters and story are engaging! I'm so curious about all the new characters that will appear, and also about the minigames - they're not a common thing in VN games.

I can't wait for the full release now!


Thank you very much, we're glad you enjoyed it! It could take a while, but we plan to release a more completed demo to show what ours idea are, so we hope you'll try it out, too :)

Of course I'll do! Thank you for your reply!

I enjoyed the demo. There are some spelling mistakes in it but those are easy enought o fix.

Thank you for the notice, we checked the script a few times, but evidently not enough. We'll correct them with the next release, don't worry ;D Thank you for the comment!

I played it the other day and I really enjoyed it. The writing is awesome, the art is beautifully drawn. I can't wait for the final release of this game!

Thank you! :D We're really happy you liked it, we are working on it and we are going to release it soon!

weep hopefully it will be super soon! I really want to play it! but for now, following you guys on tumblr


The art is very beautiful! And im already shipping Ethan and Adriel:) Good luck on the project, cant wait to play the full game.


Thank you very much for your support! We are very pleased you enjoied it :) we are working hard to correct any mistakes in the demo and we're going to release a more completed one soon. The full game should come out in a few months.